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Warmly celebrate Chuzhou ruentex through the ISO22000 international food safety management system certification

Food quality and safety management is the fundamental way for the development of enterprises, but also to provide consumers with high-quality products, help the fundamental protection of market development.
In May 2015, Chuzhou ushered in the audit group ruentex Kam Certification Center Senior Auditor Tao Yunlai three certification experts of ISO22000 international food safety management system certification of our company. During the 2 days of review, the audit team in accordance with the requirements of the audit standards, the company's senior management, marketing, procurement, technology, quality control department, coordination department, the office of a more comprehensive audit. The certification audit, both for the company's three years of quality management work a comprehensive inspection, but also on the company's product quality of a practical test. The opinions and suggestions put forward in the audit will play a positive role in promoting the overall quality management of the company.
After more than a month of expert review and assessment, in July 2015, our company successfully passed the certification group certification, and made by the China Certification Certification issued by the ISO22000 certificate.
The successful adoption of the certification, marking the company's food safety and quality management level and on a new level, which means that the company's commitment to the vast number of consumers eventually recognized internationally. For a long time, the spirit of "first-class food ruentex halal brand, win the trust of the people of all ethnic groups" for the mission, in the future the company will be in strict accordance with the ISO22000 food safety management system requirements strictly regulate the management of the company, and constantly improve the company's innovation ability, enhance core competitiveness, create value for customers, to provide a safe, healthy and safe food.

ISO22000 profile
"ISO22000:2005 food safety management system -- for any organization in the food chain" is required by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) issued a general international standard, is the "risk" based on the establishment of safety management system, good operation specification and HACCP fusion system to control food safety risks, through the food chain idea the production of raw materials manufacturers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and equipment suppliers, logistics providers and relevant government departments and the food related are aware of the importance of shared responsibility to provide safe food, and to maximize the expansion of food traceability, but also can determine the weak link in the whole chain.
ISO22000 standard is to describe the food safety management system requirements for the use of guidance standards, can be used as the certification and registration of the audit standards, but also in the whole food supply chain in the implementation of a tool for HACCP. ISO22000 is built in accordance with the framework of the ISO9001, it also covers the international Codex Alimentarius Commission on the full requirements of HACCP.

Create first-class halal brand win the trust of the people of all ethnic groups


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