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Warmly celebrate Chuzhou ruentai by Anhui inspection and Quarantine Bureau of export commodity inspection

Warmly celebrate Chuzhou ruentai Halal Food Co., the company successfully passed the inspection and Quarantine Bureau China commodity inspection registration, commodity inspection registration issued in August 1, 2015, our company successfully. This is a great event for the long-term significance of the run, which marks the government recognition of our company product quality and safety, but also demonstrates our ability of production and sales of bread crumbs. Through the inspection procedures means that our company can now own and the world's regional trade customers.

To be able to obtain commodity inspection registration means that our company's products have excellent quality. Commodity inspection registration is based on the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China on the basis of strict inspection and. Through the inspection of registered enterprise must have independent production plant absolute safety and health, there is considerable yield and advanced production equipment, safety production system perfect, excellent product quality, traceability system of feasible products and excellent products and services.
In the future, our company will actively do a good job of product quality control, to ensure product quality to meet the requirements of export. Chuzhou Runtai Halal Food Co. relevant responsibilities will conscientiously fulfill the export commodity inspection work, not to live up to the party and the government as well as the domestic and foreign customers for our trust and support.
Take this opportunity, ruentex people head-on endeavour, will Chinese the breadcrumbs strive for progress with determination, the international industry to the world.
Create first-class halal brand win the trust of the people of all ethnic groups


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